“Design is thinking made visual” – Saul Bass



Check out my stencil collection! from Left to Right: Stevie Stone Microphone, Bob Marley Portrait, Tech N9ne logo, Kutt Calhoun logo, Tech N9ne/Strange Music logo, Andre Nickatina Portrait, SNAK tag, Madchild and Kottonmouth Kings logos. What stencil should I make next??
If you want me to make you one, post a link in the comments!

Tech N9ne Experience


Here are some photos of the Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko concert in Nanaimo on September 7th, 2012. What a way to start the school year and celebrate Amanda’s birthday. Krizz Kaliko opened with “Kill Shit”, one of my favourite tracks off “Kickin’ and Screamin”. Tech N9ne played all of his best songs. With tracks like Einstein, Caribou Lou, Who Do I Catch, Am I a Psycho, Worldwide Choppers, Like Yeah, Unfair, Technicians, P.R.2.K., This Ring,  and even Mitch Bade… it was off the hook!! Best night ever!



This is my first blog that I am writing to keep you informed on the progress of my first year at college. Just wanted to let you know so far things are going really well and I feel great about all the new things I am learning and doing to begin my journey earning the Advanced Communication Design Diploma at North Island College in Courtenay. 🙂 The theme goes well with this blog because it was originally designed  by Saul Bass and I heard about him through my Communication Design class, but stumbled upon this site this afternoon to see some of his work. He created the title designs for Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Psycho as well as many movie posters. He will be one of my influences throughout the course. Anyway, I’m bored so I thought I would start a blog to document the first term of my course, but there might be some cool stuff here too. Only time will tell. peace